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Cameron McCormick's The Skill Code - 4 Disc DVD Golf Instruction + Bonus $20 ClubHub Code

What’s the difference between a low-handicap golfer and the golfer who shoots in the mid-80s and above? The best players in golf will answer consistency and a dedicated practice with a purpose. With that being said, your Deal Caddy has a whopper of a deal that will steer you in the right direction to improving your game – Cameron McCormick’s instructional 4-Disc DVD set can elevate your game and have you shooting with the best.

Cameron McCormick is a leader in golf instruction. In addition, to being one of the best-known and most accomplished golf instructors in the world, and famous for his work with professionals like Jordan Spieth, Cameron is now your secret weapon with The Skill Code DVD set. He explains how to play better golf without technical mumbo-jumbo, just clear instruction you can use right away.

We have so much faith you’ll love it, we’ll even throw in a $20 ClubHub Promo Code to sweeten the deal! Your Deal Caddy will have you shooting your best with the best clubs around!

“I have complete trust in anything he says, he’s my swing coach, putting coach, short game coach, mental coach, everything,”
Jordan Spieth on Cameron McCormick 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year

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  • You will receive your Cameron McCormick DVD set by mail in 5-10 business days.
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What you can expect from the Skill Code's 4 Discs:

The Skill Code - Part 1
  • Contact is King … A focus on great ball-striking with your irons, wedges, fairway woods, and hybrids.
  • Curve is Queen … To play their best, world-class golfers embrace a shot shape … a draw or a fade. In this episode of The Skill Code, Cameron McCormick shows you how to develop this shot shape when you practice
  • Next Level Trajectory … Every golfer can learn to hit the ball high and hit the ball low... and that includes YOU. Discover the key concept of “dynamic loft” and trajectory control in this episode and how this will help you shoot lower scores.
  • Battle Plans for Epic Course Management … 99% of amateur golfers can save 3-5 shots the very next time they play by improving course management. In this episode, you’ll discover the same course management strategies and tactics that Cameron McCormick teaches to his top professionals… including Jordan Spieth and So Yeo Ryu … two of the top golfers on the planet.

The Skill Code - Part 2
  • Finesse Wedges … want to hit superb short wedge shots? Then you’ll discover how in this episode.
  • Ph.D. Wedge Play … The “next step” in wedge instruction after you have developed your finesse wedge game. Now it’s time to discover how to hit low wedge shots, higher shots, and work with a variety of lies.
  • Greenside Vitals…Cameron McCormick believes every golfer can get up and down from close to the green… all you need is a plan. And that’s what you get in this episode, that all-important plan
  • Greenside Mastery … What happens when you’ve got a super-difficult situation around the green? No problem. Just follow the same plan Cameron McCormick gives to tour stars and high-achieving junior golfers. You’ll gain a plan for getting up and down with tour-level precision.
The Skill Code - Part 3
  • Swiss Army Knife Short Game … Have some fun with Cameron McCormick as he helps you get the final parts of a “total” short game into your golf skills. You’ll know how to handle every short game situation, from the straightforward to the “totally abysmal lie in deep cabbage.”
  • Sand Mastery … After watching this video, you’ll have a firm foundation for hitting every bunker shot and how to get out of the bunker every time.
  • Putting Triad …You’ll discover the all-important putting triad of line, speed, and read. These principles of putting have helped professionals putt superbly and they will help you, too.
  • Ph.D. Putting … After episode 11, it’s time to get the next “advanced” level of putting. And EVERY GOLFER can reach this super-high level of putting. Cameron McCormick provides simple yet powerful drills and games.

  • You will receive your Cameron McCormick DVD set by mail in 5-10 business days.
  • You will receive a ClubHub Promo Code 8-10 Days after purchase via email​
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