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Holiday Cyber Savings: TaylorMade XD + Golf Balls - Made for Distance, Softer Feel

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3 Dozen TaylorMade XD Golf Balls

Love your new driver? Finally found that perfect wedge? But let’s be honest, have you really completed your golf ensemble?
If you’re equipped with the distance, durability, and softer-feeling of TaylorMade XD+ golf balls, you on your way!
The holidays are fast approaching, and if you’re making a New Year’s resolution to improve your game but don’t want to break the bank trying, take the first step with this Dead Caddy offer for three dozen TaylorMade Xd+ golf balls for only $29.99. That’s 57% off the retail price and includes FREE SHIPPING!
Engineered for distance, the TaylorMade XD+ golf ball jumps off your club with enthusiasm. You’ll love seeing this baby take off high and hang beautifully in the air, delivering the kind of distance you want and your game deserves. Made of a two-piece ionomer construction, this ball also comes with a feel for touch shots around the green.

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