Holiday Cyber Savings: Zero Friction Johnny Miller Motion-Fit Golf Glove – Compression Fit for Better Performance

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Zero Friction - Johnny Miller Motion Fit Golf Glove - A Premium Golf Glove Choice
Left- Hand Gloves Available Only (For Right-Handed Golfers)

Zero Friction’s patented compression-fit golf glove technology is a winner … so says Hall-of-Famer and major champion Johnny Miller who likes these gloves so much he put his name on them.

No more wondering if your golf glove will deliver the perfect feel and performance for better scores. Say hello to the Johnny Miller Premium Motion-Fit glove, featuring Zero Friction’s universal fit technology with a compression fit that molds perfectly to your hand.

Try this glove for yourself with today’s deal from Zero Friction. For only $33, receive not one, not two, but THREE gloves with compression–fit technology, a savings of over 50%. Choose from 4 packages featuring white or black gloves with your choice of colored tabs!

Made from a combination of Cabretta leather and spandex, the Johnny Miller Motion-Fit glove stretches and compresses to each hand for a taut fit, eliminating the friction caused from a loose or stretched glove, and allowing for a greater feel, more comfort, and better shot accuracy.

Packages to Choose from:
Package 1) Black Gloves, Tabs: Green, Yellow, Red
Package 2) Black Gloves, Tabs: Blue, Orange, Yellow
Package 3) White Gloves, Tabs: Green, Yellow, Red

Package 4) White Gloves, Tabs: Blue, Orange, Yellow

Johnny Miller Pack
  • Pack 1: Black / Green, Yellow, Red
  • Pack 2: Black / Blue, Orange, Yellow
  • Pack 3: Whtie Gloves / Green, Red, Yellow
  • Pack 4: White / Blue, Orange, Yellow
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